Daily Ritual - how to make matcha - House of Matcha

House of Matcha tea is carefully shade grown, hand picked in the brief window of perfection then stone ground on a granite block in accordance with the exacting traditional method.

The result is a brilliant, vibrant matcha whose complex, alluring earthy and vegetal tastes and aromas will animate your body with potent antioxidants and nutrients.

Traditionally used in the finest Japanese tea ceremonies, matcha powder is now enjoyed by millions of people worldwide for health, vitality and performance.
You must pay attention to both quality and age.

Matcha comes in three main grades: koicha (for thick tea), usucha (for thin tea), and culinary matcha. For all three you should use the same criteria you would for selecting vegetables. Look for freshness – vivid, vibrant green is better than dull and dark – and check dates of harvesting and grinding as the older your matcha, the weaker its beneficial effects.

To promote longevity, store your matcha in a cool place in a vacuum-sealed container, something like a mason jar is perfect. This helps stop it from oxidizing and absorbing ambient aromas.
Whether you need focus in the office, performance in the surf or a moment of serenity in your day, preparing and consuming matcha tea invigorates you with power and clarity.

The process is simple and is as rewarding for those who are seeking a meditative ritual as it is for those who are pressed for time.